Most busy women like you understand the importance of having a secret place in God - but there's a problem.  
Do you really believe that YOU ARE WORTH IT!?

The problem is... you have made discovering 
YOUR connection with GOD
well.... COMPLICATED.  
Between the disappointments of your past mistakes 
and all the strain of life ... 
not to mention the unending lies from the enemy 
that keep you from ACTUALLY spending time on yourself, 
---you feel STUCK!
There's a reason why you need assistance to find peace again.
God will meet you here!
 I have been there… when you have no ounce of energy left and tomorrow seems like IT WILL NEVER COME after crying more tears than you knew possible and sleeping on wet pillows!
BUT it is VERY POSSIBLE TO FIND A WAY to breathe … 



That's why I'm offering you instant -lifetime access- to my newest retreat to use in the comfort of your own home! It's a 4+ hour virtual retreat experience and Alone it's worth over $397... PLUS you also receive an invitation to join the exclusive private Facebook community with access to FREE teachings, encouragement, time management coaching and MORE!

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Imagine finding the peace you've been longing for in the comfort of your own home and hearing God while you commune with HIM in YOUR secret place AND actually enjoy living life again! 

How would life feel if you had time to really breathe!? 
And what if you learned how to do this easily on a daily basis without you having to lift a finger?
You feel like you’ve tried everything, probably including attempting to create a plan yourself and you've probably lost a bunch of time and energy preparing for something that didn't result in lasting change.

Or maybe you've tried to just read your Bible every day, only to fail with actually accomplishing it for a week,  because the ability to follow through feels way too daunting and really how do you do that and get anything from it!?

You already feel anxiety coming on, knowing that you just need direction to ENJOY the connection and gain value from the experience with God like others seem to do!

You don’t have any more time OR energy to waste on attempting to duct tape together pieces of information you hear from others.
The Spains are amazing people and extremely sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Through the years, the word they have given has changed my life!  They listen, they are relatable, they are the real deal!  This is NOT for anyone whose desire is for a quick fix. This is for people who desire to see breakthrough and move into a deeper awareness and connection with God in their lives.

– Erin M.
Become increasingly FRee! AS you  practice retreating with God
  • A clear vision of exactly how to BE PRESENT with God and then others in your day. 
  • ​No more information overload, a definite plan that keeps you in YOUR secret place with God.
  • Guides for self-discipline and encouragement whenever you'd like from a LIVE Facebook community of like-minded women.
  • ​No more guilt when you want to take time to retreat to Save YOUR Sanity .. because you know that your time with God is valuably spent and will benefit yourself and others!

Want a sneak peek? 

The ministry I received was a real and incredible experience. I am forever grateful for the love and expertise! 
– Honour F.
Why Should You Trust Me?
    • I don't just teach how to Save YOUR Sanity- I actually practice it. This is my own cheat sheet to retreat and get-a-way to hear and seek God. 
    • ​I'm not JUST a personal & spiritual coach, but I am ALSO a kingdom entrepreneur, busy wife, and mom. Yep, #geekalert. I am good at analyzing, tweaking and making things work! I am very organizational and break down complicated processes to make them simple. It's what you might call MY superpower. 
    • ​I've helped many women find renewed strength and connection with God. I've worked with hundreds of women over the years and coached through life crises. Healing prayer appointments are also available!
    • I'm Living Proof. I walked away from a "plan" for my life that didn't include God and began AGAIN! I'm a mama to two teenaged boys + I'm a Mississippi gal who loves to love on PEOPLE ... and wife to my incredible minister hubby. I've created a reality where I get to work (and live life) when and where I want. I'm living proof that it's absolutely possible to take breaks while being successful, to breathe and HEAR GOD and live life at the same time. And I want you to have that type of freedom too
    Hey there- I'm Sandy.
    I'm a Jesus obsessed businesswoman and coach for talented and driven women! 

    I am building a life and business that I love sharing with others on how I discovered life in Christ by taking ONE step at a time.  I was a widow at the age of 26, and the life I dreamt of was destroyed in an instant.   It took me over twenty years to acquire most of the "God tools" I teach to build a successful life.  And now, I'm doing what I do best - empowering women using a simple to follow guide to get you there quicker. 

    It's time for you to decide what you really want from your life in God ... From a secret place in HIM to the freedom to spend more time doing what you love with the ones you love. 

    It all comes down to having an intentional strategy and hearing the ONE who loves you like no other. And once you have that in place ... the rest becomes much easier.
    Just know that your freedom is only steps away…
     You’re READY for Freedom and saving your sanity 
    if you are….
    → Good at following a simple format and you want more than you've currently found.
    → Completely OVER all the hustle and grind that doesn't bring you the peace you need.
    Tired of seeing all those other women thriving at life and are ready for your own success.
    Searching for a step by step strategy that you can implement without overwhelm.
    Soooo Ready for making a journey with God and really connect again.
    Without a Doubt Willing to do what it takes.
     This is NOT for you if...
    You are looking for someone to convince you that you're ready for something big
    You are skeptical that you'll be able to get results because you believe God is unreachable.
    You’re not willing to implement and take action in order to get results.
    You are looking for a quick fix or overnight success story.
    Look I get it. I've invested money over and over to learn how to get more of God in my life.  I’m extremely proud of the work I sell, and I honestly believe that you'll be more than happy with your purchase.

    That’s why I’m offering a satisfaction guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that the freedom will come instantly, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the retreat teaching and the time and stress it will save you. There is massive value and for a lifetime.  

    If you are not satisfied with the value of this product and you can honestly say that it does NOT change your life AND you have completed it in the first 30 days... I will give you a FULL REFUND.  That's how much I believe in this!!!   God WILL MEET YOU HERE!
    Lock in this great price while you still can. 
    It won’t last for long!
    It's an insane offer! -- valued at over $397-- yours for $57!!!
    What’s standing in the way of you finally discovering your personal SECRET PLACE with God and creating a true connection and new rhythmn of life?
    Isn't it your time?
    I know that practicing the presence of Jesus daily is key and can help take you to the next level while at the same time creating space in your life for 
    ... well, life.
    Isn't it your time?
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